2012 Swing Challenge

It's December, four weeks to the new year. We've already gouged ourselves for Thanksgiving and for most the remainder of the holiday season promises more of the same. Here's a simple way to get a jump on winter weight gain with the December 2012 Swing Challenge. As we go through the last four weeks of 2012, the challenge is to perform 2012 total Swings as a farewell to a great, albeit challenging, year. 

2012 Swings (per hand) over 4 weeks is just over 500 Swings each week. Pick a bell that's appropriate for that type of volume or work with multiple kettlebells. At the extreme level of intensity, you have the option of performing one long set (IE: 1 set of 100/100 five days per week), or as a way to reduce intensity, perform multiple short sets  with minimal rest between each set (IE: 5 sets of 20/20 five days per week) or any set / rep combination in between. Pick a set / rep scheme and kettlebell that's appropriate for your level. I recommend performing it at the near the end of every workout (kettlebell or not).

Log in all your reps to avoid miscalculating (under or over), and keep yourself honest and movtivated. Even on days where you forced to skip your normal routine, swing, swing, swing. You'll get a real jump on those extra calories that are sometimes just unavoidable this time of year.

Remember, the goal is 2,012 Swings to say goodbye 2012 and burn literally thousands of calories to boot. So farewell 2012, it's been a challenging year, and I'm proud to end it positive note. 503 Swings, per hand, per week for the next four weeks - that's your challenge. We invite you to log your results / workouts on your private facebook page.