High Intensity Kettlebell Fitness

The KBNY, High Intensity Kettlebell Fitness (HIKF) Course© has been a long time in the making. From the first time I witnessed world champion kettlebell lifter, and World Kettlebell Club® chief advisor, Valery Fedorenko, swing a kettlebell, I knew I was on to something special. This eloquently fluid, yet ballistically explosive approach to moving a heavy object is not really about the object itself, (or in this case, the kettlebell), but the sophisticated technique, efficient movement patterns, and logical progressions that make up this martial art of resistance training.

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This can be difficult concept to convey in writing, without you standing right in front of me, allowing me to demonstrate what's possible (most of my senior members could perform the same demonstration). The methodology that's part of HIKF program isn't magic, but rather the most effective and practical approach to fitness out there, but only after the base level technique is learned and the logical progressions are faithfully followed. This is where we lose a lot of potential lifters - impatience.

People expect to much too soon. It's not that High Intensity Kettlebell Fitness doesn't work quickly, because it absolutely does. But while proficiency is being built, it may take a few weeks to safely reach adequate levels of intensity so as to generate REAL, long-term change.

With the advent of boot camp style gyms popping like coffee shops, people are jumping on and and off boxes, performing endless burpees, and executing high rep Olympic lifts, with all out effort all the time. Sometimes, there's not enough time spent on learn proper form and technique, and the result can be injury and ZERO exercise. Boot camp was designed for young men and women for heading off to war. For some, it may not be the best long term plan. 

The HIKF is a system based on Eastern European mastery of a physically demanding and sophisticated sport, kettlebells, delivered via a logical, practical system, designed to a safely accommodate a wide variety of individuals - but it's far from easy. When the system is followed, HIKF delivers off-the-chart results with at a very LOW risk of injury. Measurable improvements are seen, not only in strength and endurance, but power, speed, coordination, body composition, as well as cardio-respiratory health Yes, I used the word health, because in the end that's what it's all about. An injury will end your exercise progression, and halt your results, faster than you can slam a medicine ball on the gym floor.

HIKF uses the 8 core lifts of kettlebell lifting, combined with the Seven Variables on Intensity©. The HIKF system will allow you to consistently achieve verifiable results in appearance and performance, as well as health and fitness We provide our members customized programs, within a small group class setting that meet their specific goals - while providing hands on direction and motivation. 

The HIKF system is used day in and day out at my AKC Fitness Long Island. Our typical member is not necessarily a super athlete, but more often than not a hard working, mortgage paying, accountant, construction worker, cop, firefighter, mom or dad. Most live within five or ten minutes of the gym, and were willing to give my system a try. We have an almost 100 percent attendance rate versus the typical health club (they barely bring in 30 percent of their membership). Members stick, because they get results, and when minor injuries arise, a simple technique adjustment will usually fix the issue. Members works hard and continue to progress. The key is providing them with a safe, effective, and repeatable system that achieves the specific results they crave, and does so for a long time to come.

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