Pro Am Snatch Comp Results

A little over a month has elapsed since hurricane Sandy, and many of Team KBNY's dedicated lifters stepped up on the platform, despite a few weeks where working out was the last thing their  mind. During the first few weeks following Sandy, the gym was a bit of a ghost town, as many of our members sustained considerable loss, or were helping others in need. While the gym itself sustained no physical damage, training for our Snatch competition took a back seat to five hour gas lines.

Thank God, most of our members have found their way back, and things are getting back to normal. We were determined to keep up team spirit and not be stopped, and hold this comp regardless of our break in our training. Below is the list of results for the 2012 Pro-Am Snatch Competition*.
*2 Am (amateur) can make unlimited hand switches. Pro (professional) is limited to a single hand switch.

AM Results Male (multi switch)
Chris Delvecchio 28 kg, 138 reps (winner)
Fred Elbert 20 kg, 132 reps (masters winner)

AM Results Female (multi switch)
Sherry Murphy 14 kg, 144 reps (masters winner)
Vanessa Turner, 12 kg, 209 reps (winner)
Carolyn King, 12 kg, 190 reps
Meredith Jacobs, 12 kg, 163 reps

PRO Results Male (single switch)
Roy Bocina 24 kg, 65 (winner)
Mike Stefano 24 kg, 50 (masters winner)
John Presta 16 kg, 90
John Baierlein 16 kg, 73

PRO Results Female (single switch)
Cara McCormack 14 kg, 64 (winner)
Melissa Brady 20kg, 36 * (virtual winner)
*virtual entry

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