We will officially be bringing back an old concept known as Training Day. On January 26, 2013, we will be hosting our first Training Day, helping our lifters improve technique and prepare for the upcoming Longcycle competition, including Traditional and StrongSport. The first Training Day will be in preparation for our upcoming LongCycle event scheduled for Saturday April 20, and should last about 2 to 3 hours. Future Training Days will cover upcoming competitions, and will be announced soon.

We'll cover the specific, high level technique involved, improve your lifting skills, as well as address the specific progression you should be on when preparing for competition (or just build greater proficiency in the all elements of LongCycle). This training is appropriate for intermediate and high level lifters, and open to members (free) and non members at a fee of $100. 

January 26 / 10AM

AKC Fitness Long Island
3597 Merrick Road, Seaford NY

Training Day is free to members, and $100 for non members. After payment is made, simply send an email to: with your name and that you'll be attending LongCycle Training Day on January 26 at 10AM.