Intenstiy Versus Results

In the grand scheme, exercise and dieting are a relatively new phenomenon. Prior to the 1950's, only athletes or soldiers actually "worked out".  When it took all day to catch and prepare your every meal, there was no time, energy, or real need add extra physical activity or reduce caloric intake. But today things are quite different, as we can drive through and super size with almost no physical effort, and instantly conjure up a high calorie meal. [AKC Fitness LI Home Page]

So we search for balance. Exercise became a mainstream activity, almost overnight, as bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger, celebrity Jane Fonda, author James Fixx, and the Rocky movies popularized weight training, aerobics, and running in the seventies.

So much has changed. We've gone from Jack LaLanne, to machines, to free weights, to warrior races. As Nautilus gave way to functional fitness, many fitness enthusiasts, as well as the deconditioned, embraced many old school techniques, but taking an almost insane (to quote a popular program), over the top approach. What was old is new. People are running, jumping, heaving and tossing their way fit, but there is negative side to this all out, all the time approach - unnecessary injuries are rampant.

Intensity is the fastest way to get results, and the fastest way to get the human body to change is pushing it hard. This applies to weight loss, performance, body sculpting, or whatever personal goal you have. The key to success is to find a sound system to push ourselves to the appropriate limit, but WITHOUT INJURY, so we can repeat the same type of workout over and over, hopefully for years to come.

High Intensity Kettlebell Fitness© (HIKF) is a revolutionary system for safely generating the necessary intensity to create true physical and mental change. HIKF employs sophisticated kettlebell lifting technique with challenging, logical methodology, and proven exercise progressions. Generations of kettlebell sport athletes have, over decades, mastered the art pushing the envelope with martial art-like precision, allowing the lifter to work at almost maximum capacity, but at a very low rate of injury. This sophisticated methodology not only builds strong muscles, but strong joints and connective tissue, maintaining joint integrity while exercising at high intensely. And as an added bonus, most workouts can be performed in 30 minute or less!

Based on the sound principles of kettlebell world champion lifter Valery Fedorenko and the World Kettlebell Club®, combined with my 30 years of functional fitness expertise, HIKF has been developed as the smart choice for those who want to make real changes in the way they look and feel - while staying healthy!

HIKF is intense and challenging, repeatable and good for you. It's possible to work hard, build real fitness, and not create life long injures.  Learn more about the HIKF Trainer's Course or if your a local Long Island resident, come in a free a FREE TRIAL.