Scholarship Program

High School Athletes / Parents on Long Island

College tuition has gotten out of control. Without a full or partial scholarship, many parents truley struggle with this issue when the kids hit that age. So how do you separate your athlete from the pack thousands? It's all in the proper training.

Whether their sport is football, baseball, soccer, wrestling, or lacrosse, our High Intensity Kettlebell Fitness and Cross Performance training can make a tremendous difference in the young athletes abilities, separating him or her from the the rest of the players.

Of course regular workouts with you team are absolutely necessary to keep your sport-specific skills sharp. But the question you must ask yourself is, "If child is doing the same exact training as ALL of their team mates, how will he or she excel beyond the rest?" The answer is simple. They've go to do something that EVERYBODY else isn't doing. Something that will give them the edge they need to be their absolute best.

High Intensity Kettlebell Fitness (HIKF) and Cross Performance training is that edge. Having studied directly under Kettlebell World Champion, Valery Fedorenko, I learned what Soviet athletes have known for years - something that most high level American sport coaches or trainers have never been exposed to, the timed, high rep sets of kettlebell lifting executed with very specific technique (think martial art of strength and endurance training) that will change the young athlete from the inside out.

Benefits of HIKF and Cross Performance at AKC Fitness LI
  • Work with a genuine kettlebell expert, Coach Mike Stefano, who has worked side by side with Valery Fedorenko, the world's leading authority on kettlebell lifting
  • Develop off the chart strength, and unimaginable endurance
  • Tone and build real muscle versus useless bulk
  • Learn how to be explosive and generate tremendous force
  • Build speed and quickness
  • Build hand eye coordination
  • Develop strength of the mind, extreme mental fortitude
  • Work as hard as you need to with low risk of injury
This training has been hoarded by Russian athletes for years. It's exists in the US in very small numbers, as most so called kettlebell trainer's really have no idea on how to get the most out of this remarkable system.  Take advantage of this valuable resource, right in your back yard.

We offer free trials  and demonstrations, if you'd like to see if Kettlebells and Cross Performance are a good fit for your young athlete. Give me a call at (516) 495 XFIT, or email me directly at to set up a free trial or demonstration. We offer special programming for high school athletes.