KBNY Kettlebell Apparel

Are you a gym fashioneasta or do you dress for function? When it comes to kettlebells, a cotton short-sleeved tee shirt works best, as it provides the best protection (reducing friction) for catching the kettlebell in the Rack position (either cleaned or dropped from Lockout). Opt for sweat pants or workout shorts that allow a full range of motion, with no interference.

Weight lifting shoes are considered to be the best footwear option, but a firm athletic shoe that offers good support, without too much cushion, is another sensible choice. Some form of forearm protection, such as sweat bands, ACE elastic wraps, or VF kettlebell shields are recommended, to absorb sweat and protect the forearms (available directly from the WorldKettlebell Club).

No gloves or hand protections should be worn, as this interferes with the kinesthetic awareness necessary to develop the proper feel (timing, coordination, control) with each exercise.  If necessary to protect torn or blistered palms, a soft, thinned fabric (non-leather) glove can be worn with the fingers removed. Remember that the best protection against injury is timing, not protective gear.

It's the minor details that add up to your best performance on the platform, and most consistent results. The KBNY High Intensity Kettlebell Fitness Course spells it out in detail, from proper workout wear to  pure WKC / Fedorenko Methodology, and now is American Council on Exercise approved at .7 CEC's.  The next scheduled class date is March 23, held at AKC Fitness LI (WKC® gym partner) in Seaford, NY (about 15 miles from JFK airport). CLICK HERE for the full 2013 schedule.

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