KBNY Fitness LI Profile: Coach Mike Maher

Mike, already an athlete in his own right (a wrestler at SUNY Brockport), showed up in my "shed" back in 2009. His dad, a retired NYC firefighter, was doing some work in my home, and Mike was helping him out. I only got a short summer to train with Mike before he went back to college, but I already knew this was a special athlete.

Three years later, done with college, Mike applied for a coaches position at my gym. and I just happenned to have an opening. Mike is currently a Kettlebell Fitness and Cross Performance Coach, Personal Trainer, and high school wrestling coach at Mepham high school.

Mike trains hard and gets real results. He's making major gains with both his kettlebell lifting and applying them towards his wrestling and jiu-jitsu career. Using specific workouts with the intensity of kettlebells he is reaching peak performance and making major improvements in all aspects. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, so here's a peek at one of Mike's typical training days.

Coach Mike in Action

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