WKC Pentathlon League Starts April 1

10 Reasons Why You Should Join

The World Kettlebell Club® and their Gym Partners are launching a brand new program, the WKC Pentathlon League. It's open to everybody, but only through a WKC® Gym Partner (IE: AKC Fitness LI).  Teams consist of 3 lifters, and can be men, women or mixed. You can put together you own team, or we'll add you to a KBNY house team. Each season is 3 months, and consists of 3 rounds (one per month). The first season starts on April 1st. A lifter / team must submit 1 score per month. Lifters can only participate on one team at a time. All Pentathlon Rounds must be completed at AKC Fitness LI (3597 Merrick Rd. Seaford, NY), or other WKC® Gym Partner. At the end of the season, a global winner will be declared for Men's, Women's, and Mixed teams based on the sum of 3 scores for the season.
  1. Competition is one of the best motivators, and keys to success
  2. Compete against lifters from around the world without leaving your home town
  3. Training for a Pentathlon is one of the fastest ways to get into top shape
  4. Pentathlon exercises are challenging, yet easy to learn
  5. You must compete via a World Kettlebell Club® Gym Partner, assuring integrity
  6. The Pentathlon program was created by kettlebell lifting legend, Valery Fedorenko
  7. Pentathlon exercises provide a very well-rounded, all-inclusive workout
  8. Team camaraderie gets you in the gym and training more often
  9. Pentathlon training provides clear, concise goals that produce greater results
  10. The opportunity to train with highly skilled coaches as you prepare
For more information on how you can join the WKC Pentathlon League at AKC Fitness LI: CLICK HERE