Managing Intensity / the Key to Succesful Lifting

Challenging the human body to the limit is what defines physical intensity. Learning how to manage that intensity will give you the absolute most results for the least investment in time. More bang for your buck so to speak. That's what High Intensity Kettlebell Fitness (HIKF) is all about

Using HIKF to achieve this level of physical exertion is a practical system to manage this high intensity with both beginner and advanced lifters. It offers the lifter several options that don't really exist anywhere else.

But that's only half the equation.

If you're going to get crazy intense, PERFECT technique is absolutely necessary for long term results, or YOU WILL GET INJURED, it's only a matter of when. Each ache, each pain, points to a technique issue (barring any pre-existing injuries), and it needs to be fixed. 

So what is this technique we speak of? It's an evolution that took place in Eastern Europe over the last six decades or more. Kettlebells, a very popular sport in Russia, is akin to high rep Olympic Lifting, and even includes the Jerk and Snatch (2 Olympic lifts). While Olympic Lifts are more appropriate for one rep (or very low rep sets), the focus of kettlebells is on maximum reps, not maximum weight. Over many decades, thousands of high level athletes mastered this remarkable, yet practical tool, to build off the chart strength, endurance, coordination, and explosive power.

I'm proud to say that my coach and world champion, Valery Fedorenko, brought this approach to the United States in 2007. I was at the first certification class, and immediately made it my mission to learn and teach ketttlebells in their purest form - the exact way I learned it from Coach Fedorenko.

Kettlebells are leaned skill, a true talent that takes time to master. You wouldn't expect to reach black belt in any of the martial arts overnight, and if you did, what would it really be worth? Everyone would have one. It's the same thing with kettlebell lifting, time, patience, discipline and dedication are rewarded with physical prowess.

For the new lifter, once basic technique is learned, the next step is to learn HOW TO BE INTENSE. You can run around the block at full speed and generate a tremendous amount of physical intensity, heart pounding your my chest, legs aching, but that's not management, rather pulling the trigger and going all out until you fail - bad plan. This offers you very little control, with your only choices to slow down or stop.

In my approach to kettlebells (HIGH Intensity Kettlebell Fitness) I use seven variables to create an almost infinite variety of workouts - calibrate your intensity. Those who take my ACE approved course receive written permission to use those seven variables, as well as over 30 pre-established, copyrighted kettlebell routines described in detail in the HIKF course manual to create their own unique programming..

Push yourself to your limits, and then just go a little further...

Once you learn basic technique AND how to manage intensity, the sky's the limit. Up! To learn more about High Intensity Kettlebell Fitness: CLICK HERE