Competition - The Missing Ingredient

The Benefit of Competition

As week three of the WKC Pentathlon league rolls around, things have changed quite a bit at KBNY. You can almost feel the energy buzz, as about half our membership is actually a team member one one of our eight, 3-person teams (4 Men's, 3 Women's, 1 Mixed). Competition works - and teammates support, as well as challenge one another!

Our lifters span the gamut from relative newbie to quite a few experienced lifters, but everybody pushes just a bit harder, and that's the key. Push yourself to your limit, and then just a little more.

Team KBNY holds Pentathlon practice just about every Saturday with an official Training Day on the last Saturday of every month, but team members can do the their official Pentathlon round at any time during the month (it's a 3-month season). The highest submitted score for each month will be the member's official score.

This gives many lifters a chance to get a real taste of hard core competition without having to travel, or deal with the super intense training necessary of traditional, ranked competitions (Biathlon, LongCycle, and StrongSport).

The challenge of competition provides a tremendous amount of group camaraderie and personal motivation. Results soon follow - always. Here's a sneak peek at last Saturday's "Buzz", as our members were all pushing themselves, performing some hard core sets.

To learn more about the WKC Pentathlon League, or to join Team KBNY: CLICK HERE