Body... Building?

Body builders know how to build, tone, and sculpt muscle. They are disciplined athletes, expert at the art of diet manipulation (a true science that eludes most medical professionals), developing muscles, and getting lean. However, Muscle Builders would be a much more accurate description. 
However, there's really not too much focus on timing and coordination, or any advanced work with the central nervous system, or quick direction changes that's required of most athletes. Usually, muscle isolation (somewhat artificial) is the goal, versus muscle integration (a more natural way to move). The major muscles get big and strong, sometimes too strong for the surrounding smaller muscles and connective tissue (tendons and ligaments). With bodybuilders, muscle, tendon, and ligament tears are common, and considered part of the process. Achy shoulders, knees, and backs are typical, especially with the weekend warriors, or those who never really took the time to master form and technique.

Remember, you're only as strong as your weakest link.

There is a true place for raw strength training and body building, and we incorporate many traditional resistance movements in our Cross Performance Workouts, but always with major stress on proper movement execution, whether it be Jerking or Squatting.

At  Gym KBNY our ballistic, high repetition approach to ketttlebells builds superior tendon and ligament strength and is full body building - not just the show muscles. The high rep approach brings on an acclimation process (tissue density) to occur over time. Tendons and ligaments do not respond as fast as muscle, and a very big reason for starting light, but eventually the lifter is rewarded with flexible, strong joints, and built in protection from nagging injury.

There are a few other things unique to kettlebells that you should consider. First, when doing a High Intensity Kettlebell Set, you're working strength, cardio, flexibility, power, speed, and timing, ALL at in one set. Next, with good technique there should be no spike in heart rate or blood pressure because you never bear down or hold your breath to complete a rep. It's a fluid, smooth, movement and breathing pattern, much like running. Your heart rate will gradually increase or hold steady, but not spike. Much healthier. Lastly, you're only required to make a small investment in time, money, and space (a 4 x 6 mat should suffice).

Kettlebells and Cross Performance training are more than just a trend. We offer gym membership for local Long Islanders, as well as videos, e-Books, an ACE approved kettlebell trainer certification. Mike has certified trainers from around the world at his gym on Long Island.  Check out the short video below, and get a glimpse into Kettlebell Cross Performance. Go to for more.