Double Nickels

Yesterday was my 55th birthday. Technically, I'm a "senior citizen" - that's not something I actually agree with, but society came up with the number 55, and who am I to argue? I'm technically retired (from the FDNY), although I work hard every day at my gym on Long Island, KBNY. I left the FDNY after only 22 years because of a bout with Graves Disease, a nasty thyroid condition that gave me horrible double vision, eventually ending my firefighting career. Although I was still on the job on 9/11, I was off duty on that fateful (on a light duty assignment), otherwise I was designated to have been working. I think about that a lot.

When Graves first hit me, my identity as an FDNY "hero" was suddenly shattered. In a moment, I was a paper pusher -- so to get myself in a healthy state of mind and well again, I wrote a book on everything I knew about fitness - much of which I learned on the front lines, due to the extreme physical demands of being a working NYC firefighter.

The Firefighter's Workout Book was published by HarperCollins in 2000, and has sold over 60 thousand copies world wide. That book saved my life (Graves Disease gone!), but it also led me to kettlebells and Valery Fedorenko. I was lucky enough to learn kettlebells right, the first time around, hands-on with a world champion. Without the published book that never would have happened.

I worked hard at mastering this ancient skill. I went on to become a master coach, and opened a kettlebell gym, the only one of its kind, KBNY. I've learned so much over the last 7 years, that I could fill volumes, and possibly write another book, but today, it's all about video.

That's why I created my 5, all-inclusive Kettlebell Video Guides. After teaching thousands of individuals from all walks of life, I learned to demonstrate and communicate this skill at a very high level. I've become an expert teacher. My whole life as a fitness instructor and captain with the FDNY has led me to this point. At 55, I'm stronger, smarter, and in the best physical condition of my life -  my body is basically pain and injury free. Not bad for being an active fireman for 22 years and training hard for over 40.

I personally encourage you to give kettlebells a try, but only if you're willing to learn to do it right. Technique is everything, and the only way to maximize long-term results, and avoid nasty injuries.

You can train with me live on a few different levels, as I give an ACE approved trainers course, as well as personal coaching. I've also established KBNY U, the first of its kind Online Learning Center.
offering a host a videos, and e-book, and other products and services. But if you're lucky enough to live on Long Island, KBNY is now accepting new members.

Since  your were patient enough to read this entire article, I'm rewarding you with a free video tip!!!

Train Safely!
Coach Mike

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