Kettlebell Sport Gets a Boost Into Mainstream Fitness

I've been an American Council on Exercise certified Personal Trainer, and more recently Group
Fitness Instructor for about 15 years. I wrote a book on Firefighter Fitness, based very much on sound principles endorsed by ACE. I introduced kettlebells in my training regimens in 2007, after discovering what was possible with this ancient Eastern European approach that could not be ignored by any intelligent trainer that was lucky enough to be exposed to it.

High Intensity Kettlebell Fitness is the marriage of mainstream fitness (albeit highly functional) with with dynamic, fully body, explosive kettlebell sport lifts, such as Swing, Jerk, and Snatch. When the two are combined in a proper balance - results can be rather impressive. But for the system to work,  technique must me tight, sloppy reps will get you hurt, and sideline before you ever learn how to really lift.

ACE has given my proven approach their stamp of approval, with both a live and online course. If you're serious about using this sophisticated system to separate yourself form the pack of "kettlebell trainers" than HIKF is the program for you. The process isn't easy, but you can earn up to 1.0 CEC's, after passing a final exam, after which you'll receive the HIKF Certificate of completion.

I was lucky enough to break the barrier of Russian secrecy, and learn true kettlebell lifting from Russian world champion, Valery Fedorenko. I've transformed that methodology into a viable, practical and efficient system that you can learn online (eBook, video, final exam) or in person (classes given monthly). Get in on this revolutionary approach to super fitness that will make you an important part of your client's transformation. For more information on how you can get HIKF certified, or just learn to lift kettlebells, visit my website today.