5 Really Good Reasons to Take the HIKF Course

1. As a trainer, you'll learn, AND learn to teach kettlebells safely and effectively, for the most consistent results possible. This is an old school modality that comes steeped in years of technique perfection. It's not learned in one sitting. The course can be taken at your pace, and when you're ready to submit the final exam, you can still keep practicing.

2. Earn substantial CEC's with the American Council on Exercise. The live course comes in at .7 CEC's while the online course is worth a whopping 1.0 (ACE's highest CEC count for an online kettlebell course). If you're a personal trainer or group fitness instructor, you've got to earn 2.0 CEC's every 2 years, our prices (especially the online course) are extremely competitive. It's hard to beat $129 (August sale price - regularly $179) for 1.0 CEC's.

3. The HIKF eBook Pro v1.2 comes with the program. The book includes clear written instruction, live video demo links, bonus follow along workouts, 15 programs and progressions, including 3 Cross Performance routines, where I take you through 3 classic examples of how to integrate kettlebells with more traditional, functional training. You're also introduced to the 7 variables of intensity, allowing you to quickly design your own goal-specific programming.

4. My 30 years experience in the fitness industry and 7 years running a kettlebell gym. I've seen it all, every problem, as well as every fix. This type of experience is hard to come by in the United States, and I was lucky enough to study with a true champion Russian lifter, Valery Fedorenko. I am able to pass this ancient Soviet system directly along to you.

5. My personal guarantee. I stand behind all of my products, services, and programs 100 percent. If you're not satisfied or don't feel that your kettlebell lifting has improved, I'll return your money, no questions asked.


Train Safely,