Available For Off Site Training

Michael Stefano
Long Island New York

  1. Kettlebell and Kettlebell-Sthenics Trainer Workshops (trainers earn up to 1.7 CEC's)
  2. Establish Member / Client-Appropriate Kettlebell and Kettle-Sthenics Programs
  3. Initial Program Implementation and Follow Up

I've recently made a decision to expand my horizons and reach out to a greater number of people. I am now available to assist gyms in the NYC tri-state area to implement a sound and highly effective kettlebell heath, fitness, weight loss or performance, program, as well as develop programs that integrate kettlebells with a variety of modalities.Depending upon your demands, this can be an ongoing event, or a one time only certification process (my courses are all ACE approved with CEC's).

I've owned a kettlebell and fitness studio for almost ten years. In that time, I've developed highly functional programs, combing authentic kettlebell lifting with old school fire academy style training. The results my students have experienced are nothing short of amazing, and REPEATABLE, with just about every level. The key is in the ability to generate intensity appropriately, and without injury.

In case you're not familiar with my background, here's a general overview of what I'm all about..

New York City Fire Department Captain 1982 to 2004
-manage 20 to 50 firefighters during an emergency situation
ACE Certified Personal Trainer 1998 to 2010
-worked as a personal trainer, under my own employ, until 2009
ACE Group Fitness Instructor 2012 to present
Owner / Operator Gym KBNY 2004 to present
-I own, operate as well as design programs for hundreds of individuals
 Author: The Firefighter's Workout Book / High Intensity Kettlebell Fitness
-published by HarperCollins in 2000, 60 thousand copies sold
Continuing Education Provider with the American Council on Exercise
-2 ACE approved kettlebell trainer courses (live and online)
Firefighter Fitness Expert
Master Kettlebell Coach
-studied directly under Russian champion Valery Fedorenko
Creator of High Intensity Kettlebell Fitness
-designed my own approach that focuses more on fitness than kettlebell sport

The Firefighter's Workout Book
High Intensity Kettlebell Fitness
High Intensity Kettlebell Fitness Companion Manual
Boot Camp Kettlebells
Feel the Burn
Swing Your Way Fit
Brooklyn's Burning
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