Mike Stefano

The next wave in fitness programming coming out of Gym KBNY is Kettle-Sthenics. Think High Intensity Kettlebell Fitness meets The Firefighter's Workout.  Soviet style kettlebell lifting is synergictically combined with old school PT, resulting in a double barrel attack that blows away the competition - yet with a very low rate of injury. High intensity without risk of injury keeps the results coming, while avoiding those annoying aches and pains that make getting fit feel like a ride on the injury roller coaster

When my High Intensity Kettlebell Fitness program was granted approval from American Council on Exercise (ACE), I received lots of questions on how best to combine kettlebells with body weight, boot camp, or for the most part, functional forms of physical conditioning. Kettle-Sthenics was born.

The very nature of fire academy or military boot camp is to rapidly prepare a young man or woman for battle. Kettle-sthenics, in its purest form, is a simple, progressive 21 day plan that takes the same approach. The emphasis is always on proper technique, so as to minimize injury, and to protect the integrity of the program. As someone who routinely trains individuals who can't afford to sustain a serious injury, as their potential job depends on it, I understand an the need for an intense, yet healthy approach. Recruits need to stay healthy or it's see-you-later. Kettlebells provide the missing link to intensity that most programs require to be effective, but without the risk and wear and tear on the joints, tendons, and ligaments. The lifter learns how to use his or her body with strategic leverage, almost treating strength as a skill, not just brute force. This in turn allows heavy loads to be moved, and the acclimation I routine witness is nothing short of astonishing, allowing even greater weights, and more reps to be completed. And the transference to other exercise, as well as life itself, is profound. 

When High Intensity Kettlebell Fitness is performed along with traditional body weight training the common pitfalls of resistance training (achy, injured joints), are largely avoided (if the lifter progresses intelligently). The ballistic, explosive nature of kettlebells, puts much less strain on the joints and connect tissue per rep, but the high rep nature of the sets results in herculean tendon and ligament strength. This in turn opens the door to ever greater numbers (and resistance levels) with traditional strength movements, as well as molding a skilled kettlebell lifter. Once the circle is complete, and the correct balance found, maximal results are possible in strength, endurance, weight loss, body sculpting, or any other personal physical goal you might have.

For those impatient individuals (just about everybody), we offer a 3-week Kettle-Sthenic Crash Course, but the program is part of our regular personal and small group coaching arsenal.

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