10 Reasons to Go with High Intensity Kettlebell and Fitness

Over the last 7 years, after working with literally thousands of new, as well, as experienced kettlebell lifters from around the world, I've developed my own system for building off-the-chart strength, endurance, while maintaining a healthy, injury-free body. HIKF includes kettlebells as the major force behind the program. This high level methodology was perfected by professional kettlebell athletes in Eastern Europe in the last half of the 20 century, and passed along to me by world champion Valery Fedorenko.

Since that time, I've combined this very specific kettlebell methodology (think martial art) with highly functional training that I've used for decades with firefighters from around the county, whose level of fitness could easily mean the difference between life or death for themselves, or the people they race to save. 

The result -High Intensity Kettlebell and Fitness, , a highly effective program approved by the American Council on Exercise that is appropriate for ANYONE seeking to create a fit, strong, lean and healthy body. I offer this program at many levels, from my collection of eBooks on Amazon, to a live a Ketttlebell Trainer and Sport Course. Below is a list of why, as new or experienced kettlebell lifter, personal trainer, group fitness instructor, or someone who wants to compete in kettlebell sport, you should consider High Intensity Kettlebell and Fitness as your next step.

1. HIKF is customizable, that is, appropriate for all levels and specific goals
2. The system is based on ancient principles of human movement (not just found in kettlebells)
3. My experience with true kettlebell champions, the inside track to a very misunderstood sport
4. My ability to explain the methodology directly to you in clear concise English
5. Every one of our learning options comes with written and flawless video instruction
6. Multiple training options are available both live and online
7. Reasonably priced courses and eBooks, as well as certifications
8. Trainer's can earn up to 1.7 Continuing Education Credits
9. The conditioning built with kettlebell easily transfers over to other activities
10. Learn how to integrate HIKF into other fitness modalities (IE: running, weight lifting)

You have my personal promise that once you're exposed to this type of training, you'll never go back. Visit our website at kbgym.com for more details and a full list of training options. We're located on Long Island, New York and offer a host of products and services both live and online.