Pure Performance

After working with kettlebells for almost 7 years, I've seen a lot of people get results, from finding their abs, to building almost super human strength and endurance. This article is NOT about showing off a six-pack (although that's a very good possibility), but about building real strength, endurance, explosive power, speed, timing and work capacity. You have to go into this with an open mind, the way I approached my first AKC certification 7 years ago, and got one of the first real looks (of any American trainer)  at authentic, *Soviet Style*, for lack of a better description, kettlebell lifing.


In Eastern Europe, and now all over the world, kettlebell lifting is a competition sport that focuses on high rep counts, versus weight (Olympic or power lifting). But the weight is far from light, and the reps are sometimes in the HUNDREDS. The process the human body goes through when lifting kettlebells for ultra high reps and extended time, day after day, after day, is almost indescribable without some hands on demonstration. In other words, I really need to SHOW YOU what's possible. You won't be disappointed.

Strength as a skill, not a trick, not smoke and mirrors, but a full body skill that depends on speed as much as raw strength. Long sets and high reps provide a vehicle for huge change and physical acclimation,  altering the way your body works, on a molecular level - strengthening muscle, bone, tendons and ligaments, while teaching split second explosive timing. All this while building unimaginable endurance and mind-blowing toughness.

This seems like it would be an easy sale, especially when I can parade a host of people in front of you who've experience performance gains they never even considered possible (myself included, at 55, I can say I am in the best shape of my life, not for 55, but just in the best shape I've ever achieved - period.)

But apples and oranges can confuse the issue.  A *born athlete* can do things most of us can't, kettlebells or no kettlebells. You can't compare a high level athlete with an accountant. Yet, I've taken accountants to the level of athletes, and some athletes to the level of super human - apples and oranges.

I don't like to be redundant, especially in a short article, but the ONLY way to really embrace what I've said here is to witness authentic kettlebell lifting live, in action. New lifters need to approach kettlebells with an open mind, letting go of the notion that doing a squat or row with a kettlebell is actually kettlebell lifting, and get on with learning how to Jerk, Swing and Snatch - move more efficiently. Leave the ego at the door, and be ready to learn from scratch, developing new movement patterns, while recruiting more muscle fiber, with split second timing, making you one *badass* lifter.

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