eLite Fitness Solutions Established 2014

Over the last few months Gym KBNY has moved  to a more exclusive studio space (the price of living on Long Island). I am now refocusing my efforts on reaching as many people globally as possible, with my main mission, to teach the average Jane or Joe, how to use kettlebell sport technique, combined with academy (boot camp) style training, to achieve a high level of functional fitness, via a system known as Kettle-Sthenics.

In the mix some true athletes will emerge, but "90 percent of Americans who workout just want to look and feel better". The aren't even sure what kettlebells really are. Most think squatting and rowing with a kettlebell is what we're talking about, with no idea of the explosive force and in depth biomechanics associated with kettlebell sport lifts like the Swing, Jerk, and Snatch - life changing. But does that mean they should be robbed of this incredible opportunity? I say no.

Enter eLite Fitness Solutions (EFS) and the Kettle-Sthenic Program, designed to bring this incredible system to as many as possible. So while my gym in Seaford Long Island is still open for business, my main objective is enter the far reaches of every gym in America, via my ACE approved High Intensity Kettlebell and Fitness Certification program, as well as this newly introduced, personalized EFS online Kettle-Sthenics Program, taking advantage of today's advanced technology to spread the word.

As mentioned, the EFS program is based on Kettle-Sthenics, a 21-day progression that will kick start your metabolism into high gear. The difference between the Kettle-Sthenics eBook and the EFS program is the total personalization. When you purchase the EFS system, you must first fill out a short, but comprehensive profile. Based on the information you submit, I will design your best possible, and totally unique regimen.  My reach is now almost endless, and what's great about this program is that it is all DIGITAL. That means you can bring EFS to the gym with you on your smart phone or tablet. It includes written, audio and video instruction that will have you starting in no time.

If you don't have time or access to work with a professional coach, try my EFS system. It's the next best thing to being a member at Gym KBNY.

1. Who is Mike Stefano and what is EFS?
Mike is a master kettlebell coach, fitness author, (The Firefighter's Workout Book - 60k sold). Coach Stefano, a continuing education provider for the American Council on Exercise, currently conducts workshops for trainers and athletes world wide. Mike owns and operates Gym KBNY, a kettlebell and functional fitness studio on Long Island, NY. The EFS system developed out of a need to reach a global audience. And thanks to modern technology, the system works.

2. How can EFS work in 21 days?
This is a customized approach that will produce results almost immediately. I found the magic number to be 21 days of constant work to get the body's full metabolic attention. At that point the results really turn on. EFS includes 21 distinct workouts (some more intense than others) that can be performed every day for 21 days. You may have to spend a few days mastering some of the movements before getting into the actual program, but have no fear, you'll still be priming that metabolic pump. The program also infinitely repeatable, that is, you can start over after every 21 day cycle and continue to get results! If you miss a day, just pick up where you left off.

3. What does the program come with?
The EFS program includes a digital copy of Mike's Kettle-Sthenics eBook ($39), along with a 21-day, personalized version of the Kettle-Sthenics program created solely for you by Coach Mike (based on your EFS profile at left). This custom program is repeatable, and can be recycled indefinitely. If you have any questions about your program, we provide direct email support.

4. What equipment will I need?
To start out, one ketttlebell and your own body. That's it. This is a high repetition approach, so a good starter weight for most men is 12 or 16kg, and most women 8 to 12kg. You can buy kettlebells almost everywhere these days. [SHOP NOW] Most local sporting good stores are also beginning to stock professional grade (competition style) bells as well.

5. What do the workouts include?
EFS includes high level kettlebell sport lifts (IE: Jerk, Snatch, Push Press, Swing) in combination with boot camp / academy style training (IE Push Ups, Air Squats, Flutter Kicks, Bridging), all explained in detail in the Kettle-Sthenic eBook that comes with the totally digital program. Exercise selection, program progression and frequency, is individually developed by Coach Stefano, on a case by case basis.

6. How long is each training session?
Workout time varies (depending upon goals and current condition) but the average workout session, including warm up and cool down, is typically 35 to 45 minutes.

7. How do I get started?
Submit the EFS profile form at left (be sure to sign). You then need to hit one of the buy now buttons to finalize the process. You'll be sent an email (typically within 48 hours) with all necessary links and information to your full program. You'll need a PC, Mac, mobile device or smart phone, as well as a valid email address.

8. Is there a money-back guarantee?
Yes. If you go through the complete program, and still see no verifiable results, we'll provide you with instuctions on how to apply for a full