Getting Greedy

Last Friday I had a plan - part of a much larger plan. I set out to do 32, 24 kg snatches per hand, and get in as much push / pull bodyweight stuff (push ups, dips, pull ups and the like) as I could tolerate, and still progress with snatch.

Last year at some point, I'd hit 50 / 50, and topped my previous best by 8 reps. I felt really good after that set, took off about a week, and was good to go. I'd done the work.

This time around things went a bit differently. In no way did lay a deep enough foundation before diving head first into the 24 kg kettlebell. For me, personally, there's such a huge difference between pulling 20 and 24kg. The 24kg need to be introduced gradually, not all at once. Patience.

So as I hit my goal numbers with the 20kg, I should not have shelved it completely. More of a gradual introduction would have allowed more time for deep tissue acclimation.

On one the last few reps, I must have strained my mid and upper right trapezius. I barely felt it at the time, but I've developed "knots" small muscles spasms all around my scapula (the shoulder joints way of protecting itself). Pain is actually very minor, unless I put a a  kettlebell (heavier the 16kg) over my head. I know a week or two will do the trick. I'll keep at my foam roller and lacrosse ball fascia release work. It really does help. I'm also trying to avoid anti-inflammatory medication  (NSAID's), although that would be most physicians first line of defense.  I'm using ice and heat as well, both helping tremendously. I anticipate two weeks of no real exercise, maybe less, and I'll be good to go.

In a lot of ways, everybody needs a full 3 weeks off once a year, the problem is, this is my second lay off (when we moved the gym, I had nothing left for sets). The good thing about all this is the lesson learned, "don't get greedy". I obviously coach myself, so there's no one but me to make the decision on how far to take a set, especially without the proper foundation. When it comes to myself (never with students), I have a tendency to let the ego in a bit. Not good.

So in total, I'll lose 3 weeks, which will set me back about 3 more weeks, so one greedy 6 minute set cost me 6 weeks, making it that much more difficult to achieve 56 reps per hand by 5/12/14, my 56th birthday.

Train Smart.