I Just Wanna Teach Kettlebells

The internet levels the playing field a bit, allowing someone like me, an expert in my field but with no large financial backing, to compete with much larger organizations. But it's not easy. I wind up spending an inordinate amount of time trying to get the word out, and less time actually teaching people to lift kettlebells.

It's the way it is, and what I have taken it on as my mission in life - to get people to know about the High Intensity Kettlebell and Fitness approach. If I had to break it down in a couple of sentences, I'd say, HIKF marries the high level skill of kettlebell sport technique, together with a sophisticated approach to ultra fitness. The physical acclimation that takes place is light years beyond any other system I've come across in 40 years of exercising, while being appropriate for just about any healthy individual.

Now that's a mouthful, and it means very little unless you were standing in front of me as I, or any one of my students or coaches, demonstrated with a heavy weight and made it look like air, while I explained what you were seeing. As they say, you have to see it to believe it.  

The HIKF approach puts together the high level technique developed by top kettlebell athletes evolved over decades, but making it more appropriate for ultra fitness, while integrating the bells with some more traditional western exercise. The kettlebell sets are done for time, a long time - anywhere from 4 to 20 minute sets (bell never hits the floor) is the norm. The body changes at a molecular level to this type of intensity, but is spread out over a period of time (think running with weights but with no impact). The challenge becomes to minimize the stress and workload of the weaker parts of the body, and have the leg, hips, and back, perform the lion's share in the most efficient manner possible. 

The benefits are endless, from raw strength and extreme endurance to speed and explosive power. But like the title of the article says, I'd rather teach others to lift and teach than spend half the day writing ad copy and trying to figure out Google's formula.

Kettlebells work because of the consistently high intensity that can be reached without injury. You can come back every day and workout, so you avoid the typical roller coaster ride most gym rats go through. You continue to improve, and as long as you do the work, forever.

Now, don't make me sell this any longer. It's good. It works. It's based on sound principles that will keep you safe. It's quick and practical. Almost everybody can make it past the initial learning curve with just a little patience, and reap the reward of HIKF.

Hope to see you on the platform one day!    http://kbgym.com