Ouch, My Glutes Hurt

Okay, before you get the wrong idea, let me explain. We were buried by a snow storm here on the East Coast. It dumped about ten inches on Long Island and I spent a couple of days shoveling out my property, and helping out the neighbors. All in all, I wound up shoveling for about six hours.

I paced myself, but I moved. I felt like I was in a marathon one arm LongCycle. Pick it up, through it over your shoulder (use your legs!). Or I also was pushing large amounts of snow by burying those elbows in the hips (as I held the shovel handle) and trudged, allowing my legs and hips to work get behind the work.

In the aftermath of the six hours of shoveling, my upper body, and back and felt relatively unaffected, no delayed muscle soreness whatsoever (maybe a little pump). What does feels some post lactic acid reaction is my glutes, specifically my upper glutes, where they tie in to the lower back. This is where you should feel it during a really tough set of swings. When I was out there shoveling, I didn't have to think about this process, getting my legs and hips to do the work, it just happened. My central nervous system just goes that way.

Just wanted to relay one more benefit, the ability to get to the sometimes hard to reach gluteus maximus to do the work and hopefully develop. And we all want that.  http://kbgym.com