Shoveling Day Three

By now we're all getting sick of hearing about my snow shoveling adventures, but I promise, this the last of it.

As of Sunday, I was left with 3 mounds of snow that needed to be eliminated. Each mound was approximately 6 feet wide by 20 feet in length, at about 4 feet in height. Only now heavy and packed. Who knows what's going on with the weather, it's supposed be 50 then we're going into ultra freeze. I needed to remove the mounds before they turn to big ice blocks that will be there until April.

Remove a 6 feet by 60 foot pile of snow, four feet high

Toss it over the six foot fence that separates my property from a wooded area

So, at about 9 AM, I made my first push, and dumped about 20 feet of waterlogged snowed over a six foot, adjacent (thank God) fence. It didn't happen fast, but after an hour or so of solid heaving snow, I took a nice break. At about 11 AM, I was at it again, this time determined to finish.

I blew through the 40 more feet, pacing myself a little bit better than the first time around, and after about an hour and a half, it was all done, and so was I. I headed into the house to warm up, eat a little something, and just crash for a while.

Here's the awesome part. I don't feel it today at all. That level of work wasn't enough to crack my threshold, even though it was the third day in a row just like it.  Some will take this as me being cocky about shoveling snow (almost sounds ridiculous). The point of the story is the system I use to stay fit (High Intensity Kettlebell Fitness) overflows to real life. It's nice to not hurt today and be able to go about my normal activities, whatever they may be, and have a completely snow free driveway.

I promise, no more shoveling stories.