Snatch, Beach Muscle Update

Friday, January 17 Workout Journal
So far so good. I hit 30/30 snatches in 4 minutes last week, and today got 36 / 36 in 5 minutes one-switch. Not crazy hard, but I'm trying to not get greedy. Next week, we're looking at maybe 42 per hand in six minutes. 

The shoulders felt limber, but I decided to postpone my push / pull work until tomorrow - to play it safe on the overuse side, and lay off the bells completely. Sunday will probably be a rest day, or a long brisk walk (lung massage). Remember, snatch is all about conditioning and breath, and the ability to recover within the set itself. Stellar technique and split-second timing go a long way, but 53 pounds dropped from almost 8 feet is never going to be light, at least not or me.

Overall I plan to keep up this type of pace, very little actual exercise in time (today's workout was 5 minutes without the warm up), but with high quality reps and lots of intensity. That's what works for me, not everybody. The key to success in your program is to find what works best for you, right now, and at your current condition.