Staying Healthy

I've been around the block a couple of times, and know a thing or two about injuries. Coming from a world where life or death are on the line regularly, you'll gladly accept a blown out shoulder as a consequence of the job you signed up for, and thank God you can still go home at the end of the tour.

There is no reason for injuries to be common place in the gym. Training should be challenging, but the goal is "fitness", as in fit for duty, not I'm super fit but my achilles tendon is in shreds. 

Fitness means your entire body is in proper working order, and not at the expense of a detached bicep. If you're spending half your day with ice packs strapped to your knees, you're doing something wrong.

When your livelihood depends on your body, whether life is on the line or not, you can't afford being sidelined and not get paid. Our white collar society is looking for a blue collar thrill in the gym, and killing themselves. Train intensely, but with common sense and good technique, whether it's kettlebells or Olympic lifting, the same rules apply.  That's just my humble opinion.

I want to leave you a video that will help you avoid injury kettlebell lifting.

The Feel Good Guide to Kettlebells