The Easy Way Out

I've worked with over 500 trainers in the last in the last seven years, certifying many to teach the art of kettlebells for sport or fitness. The sound biomechanics are not easy to master (the core concept of kettlebell lifting), and most will revert back to what they're already good at, and "take the easy way out", but is it really easier?

Granted, learning how to move like a Russian kettlebell lifting champion is no easy feat for an American who's been sitting behind a desk all day for the last 20 years, and who's body has lost much of its strength, endurance, flexibility and coordination.

But good trainers know how to fix those things without kettlebells. I did, before I ever met Valery Fedorenko and was introduced to kettlebells. Kettlebells are far from the only way to achieve high level conditioning and athleticism, but in the end, adding kettlebell lifting to your weekly regimen is the easy way. (easy a subjective adjective)

Here's my training record for the first 10 days of 2014.
DAY 1. Rest
DAY 2. 4 minute Jerk 36kg (one switch / 32 reps)
DAY 3. 20 minute LongCycle 24kg (multi switch / 160 reps)
DAY 4. Dips 5 sets of 12 (10 minutes)
DAY 5. 6 minute Jerk 28kg (one switch / 60 reps)
DAY 7. Rest
DAY 8. 12 minute Snatch 16kg (6 minutes per hand)
DAY 9. Rest 
DAY 10. 6 minute Snatch 20kg (3 minutes per hand)
TOTAL TIME: 58 minutes

As you can see there is a little bit of everything going on (and this does leave out about four hours of shoveling snow) , but my background plan is to improve my strength and endurance with some heavy one-arm, one-switch Jerk work and build my overall Snatch, hopefully with the 24kg once again. I also want to keep the body fat under control and breath up, while maintaining or even improving muscle tone.  I like to keep a little traditional resistance training in the mix (dips, push ups, squats, pull ups), but do no actual cardio outside of my kettlebell sets (which challenge my cardiovascular system to the extreme). All this in less than an hour a week, and my calorie intake is high. 

The key to the 58 minutes in 10 days is intensity. I can generate a very high level of intensity within a set, yet repeatedly avoid injury. And that's only possible because of the sound biomechanics associated with authentic kettlebell lifting, my protector, and the fact that I TOOK THE TIME TO LEARN IT RIGHT.

After first being introduced to this style training, I had all the same doubts most people do when they first walk into my gym. The doubts quickly disappear when the lesson starts, but then, in the days and weeks to follow, and without follow up training, many will revert back to what's familiar, comfortable, and is already getting some results. To reap the real rewards of kettlebell sport methodology, you need to put in the work.

That's all for today...