Workout Journal / Weekend January 18, 19

So... I got greedy, and the right shoulder is a little sore - no biggie, but an interruption. Should have jumped from 30 reps per hand to 32, or maybe 34 (not 36), the last two weren't "perfect", and normally not so bad, but I've been working the push / pull thing a bit. I'm beginning to realize more and more, it's difficult to satisfy two masters, appearance, and performance. I do go back and forth, but would like to strike a balance between the two. If push hard enough, one will usually accomplish the other (hard core kettlebell performance training always winds up making your look better).

So the plan next week is to back off on the 24 kg snatches completely. I'll experiment tomorrow with 16kg, even if it's light, long, LongCycle to open up and relax. We'll see where that leads, but I want 42 / 42 reps in 6 minutes as my next short term goal with 24 kg Snatch. How we get there has to be a day by day decision. This week will be very little, if any, traditional resistance training (what my body tolerates the least), to allowing healing, but mostly light, fast kettlebells. Should be fun.