Fine Custom Furniture

I've been a firefighter, author, fitness guru, and educator, but what many don't know is I've also been designing and building custom furniture for over 20 years. My love of woodworking started when I designed and built a couple of simple night tables for my bedroom. Despite the basic design, the tables came out beyond my what I thought I was capable of, and the rest is history.

Recently I've acquired the space to resurrect my shop and bring it into the 21st century. My creative juices are flowing, as I've recently built a unique flat screen TV stand, a combination laptop desk / Cherry end table, a simple but elegant Maple coffee table, and my current project is an oversized double pedestal desk made from contrasting White Ash and Black Cherry. 

If you love fine furniture like I do, and don't know where to turn to get a genuine custom built and unique piece, I can help. Using methodology that is literally centuries old, combined with today's cutting edge technology, produces beautiful, functional furniture that will last a lifetime.

Contact me, and let's have a conversation about your personal design...
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