Double Pedestal Partner Desk / Work Station

When I was offered this job, I must admit, at first glance it looked kind of simple, even a bit boring. But by putting a traditional spin, on a very modern idea, I hope to be create a very interesting desk.

No doors, drawers, or even side, the "pedestal desk" is just that, two open cherry and oak cabinets with open shelves each, connected. Sitting proudly atop my creation is a beautiful Figured Maple slab measuring approximately 40 by 60 inches. The desk will be used as a busy work station for a professional couple, who do a lot of computer work from home.

The interest is created by the contrast of a dark brown fine cherry base with clear maple shelves, with a clear Figured Maple inch and half inch thick top. All base joinery is traditional mortise and tenon except for the two aprons that connect each cabinet. To make life a bit easier, the final assembly will take place in place, using breakdown hardware, allowing for ease of movement in the future. It will disassemble into two 38 x 16 inch pieces, with a flat 40 by 60 top, making for easy transport.

The top will remain a thick flat slab, with a slight chamfered edge all around. The figured maple shows up on the edge grain, and pops on the flat edge.

Customer loved it. I'll be building a book case for their office next.

The Journey