Chasing Perfection

It's not been an uncommon theme in my life - the pursuit of perfection. And maybe not always the most stress-free way to approach things, but some of us really have little choice, chasing perfection just feels natural.

Of course, a chase is what it is. We all know perfection is a relative concept, and something that can never really be achieved. Wood will always have some level of imperfection, as it can change on an almost daily basis. My job is to make all of that invisible. I could probably continue to tweak a piece for months that was already fit for the showroom floor. At a certain point, it's a matter of how powerful the magnifying glass.

For my customers, it's a win-win. I don't charge people for my obsession with perfection. I formulate an estimate based on acceptable level of relatively imperceptible blemishes that I chase away on my own time.