Nov 22, 2017


What's new in the unregulated, on-demand convection world? In a word, Timber. Inspired by the infamous RastaBuddhaTao, and his ground breaking Milaana, the Timber is a sleek, inline, adhesive free, hand crafted work of art.

Let's look at what's new. Timber stands at 6 inches tall, and about 1.5 inches around. the shape is square with rounded edges to prevent rolling. The new cylindrical shape is preferred by many, and allows a very user friendly experience. 

Gone are use of glue, epoxy, or any adhesive products in the build process. This had been a concern for many who prefer an adhesive free product to enhance their vaping experience. The use of fasteners in the building process will allow easy service, if ever needed, to be performed. All Timbers are warrantied for one full year. 

Also gone is the top load battery. It's been moved to the bottom, hidden by pretty little walnut cap.  The momentary switch is fully recessed to reduce the Timber's profile, and it just looks sweet. Four tiny vent holes are spread evenly around to provide even air flow with little resistance. 

All Timbers are hand crafted one at a time, with a high level of quality assurance. You have my personal guarantee. 


COMING SOON: Timber 20700