Mar 11, 2018

Negative Pressure and a Good Session

If you own an on demand vape, you're probably aware of draw *speed* and button depression, and it's affect on session control. But it's just about draw speed, which is definitely part of the equation, but about the POWER of the draw, or the negative pressure created when you put your lips on the stem and inhale.

You might not think about the seal your lips make with the stem, or how much air is allowed to leak in and reduce the level of suction created, but that doesn't mean it's not happening. Taking control of this powerful element of vaporizing will put you in the driver's seat.

A lot of variables come together when you draw, but how much negative pressure you create on the mouthpiece dominates what's going on in the herb. No matter how hot (or cold) that coil gets, without a seal, the heat will not reach the herb. On the other hand, reducing suction by just a hair, while coordinating with speed, will keep you from ever getting to the point of combustion

The flower puck should be the most resistive part of the system. The volume rate of air flow will depend upon how resistive the puck is and how much vacuum you are pulling. It is the volume rate that affects the rate at which the heat is removed from the coil. If you can't keep up with the rate of energy being added, the temperature will rise.

Lil' Bud is powerful AND unregulated, with very fast heat. To optimize control of your session, be aware of not just draw speed and button depression, but how tight a seal your lips are forming on the stem, as this will control how much hot air is pulled through the herb.